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Ampersand & Ampersand sessions are bursting with benefits! They helped me ask myself some tough questions about my business, personal life, and how I was spending my time. Entrepreneurs often experience tunnel vision as they try to grow their business and brand.

One-on-one sessions with Sarah helped me take a close look at how I was spending my time overall and where I could support myself in other areas. There was a holistic approach taken to support me as a whole person—not just me as my business. By shifting my mindset this way, I was able to make changes that helped me make more money, spend less time working, value myself more, and still have time for my family and myself. I’m still working on fully implementing the strategies Sarah gave me in those sessions, but when things start to feel unmanageable, I return to the strategies and tools Sarah provided me in these sessions.

Mia-Plus Size Mom & Influencer, Writer, Babywearing Instructor & Advocate, Photo Editor
Mia O'Malley | Ampersand | Reviews

Sarah is a pleasure to work with, in every way.

She’s compassionate, quick with an alternate route when something isn’t working, and wonderful at translating vague requests into beautiful realities.

Julie-CEO & Co-Founder of Small Packages
Julie Schecter | Small Packages | Creation | Ampersand | Reviews

We brought &and& on to help us bring our first content ideas to life.

We had a project that needed an experienced creative to take a look at the strategy and execute on it. Sarah not only created the strategy but she had the right team to execute on the vision (and stayed well within budget). The campaign we planned together performed very well and gave us the confidence to build a path forward with our content strategy.

Simmone-Founder & CEO at Poppy Seed Health
Simmone Taitt | Poppy Seed Health | Creation | Ampersand | Reviews

&and& has helped me forge a path toward a successful branded business by providing me with resources, accountability, strategy and suggestions, and creative support.

When I started with Sarah, I knew very little about what I wanted my brand to be. I also had no website, no social media account, no pathway to get to where I wanted to go. With Sarah’s help, advice,  and resources, we navigated those unchartered waters together and helped guide me to the next step of my business.

Jenn-Author/Illustrator, Rhyme Enthusiast, & Logistics Guru
Jenn Shetsen Wierda | Coaching
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