As a creative branding studio, we operate in artistic spaces to drive business outcomes. As an actor may question the motivation for their character, we utilize a similar strategy for your brand. So ask yourself, “what’s motivating me these days in my branding strategies?”

Wildly Different Realities

Similes and metaphors for this time grow more asinine by the day. Yet we continually search for some universal way to show others that we see and appreciate the wildly different realities that we’re living together – all at the same time.

In the day-to-day of our creative branding studio, we view most challenges as some form of an interpretive issue — a miscommunication or a translation at some level. The tools that we instinctively rely on to “fix” are always rooted in the perception of others. It’s why we often swing between existential and nihilistic extremes. (You know, we’re real fun with banter over cocktails). It’s also why we’ve been so genuinely mystified by the paradigm leaps as of late.

What Is Happening vs What Is Actually Happening – That Is The Question

How much of the crisis of health, security, love, happiness, and progress could benefit from a marketing-centric approach? How much could be impacted by a reframing of messaging AND action to make sure they completely align? When was the last time you assessed the translation and interpretation of what is happening vs what is actually happening? How much is coming through in your brand development strategies? How do you be the good?

Bringing Clarity and Visibility To Our Brand Development Strategies

Efforts to surface voices directly (such as #KeepSharingTheMic and #RaiseYourVoice ) are a great model for bringing clarity and visibility. There might always be a cynicism about impacting the lens through which the world is perceived. However, there is no denying that we’re not as objective as we’d like to believe.

What I still see as a constant in developing brand strategies is a real need for positive voices in any medium to connect right now in the world. So let’s do this!

Be the Good.

If you need a Creative Branding Studio to help, reach out here.

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