Creative Strategy Was A Struggle 

Like many of us, I was experiencing a bit of disenfranchised grief and it was affecting my creative strategy. I found myself mourning the loss of my routine, my control, my business momentum. The grief was valid. The loss was real. But I was determined to pivot so I turned to a go-to for dealing with loss — FLOWERS.

I messaged one of my floral suppliers and scooped up some blooms harvested for now-canceled events to give them a new purpose. I created hand bouquets, each with a unique personality, intended to pleasantly surprise a stranger.

Became Creative Strategy With Both Hands

The act of making something with my hands helped me feel productive and capable. The ability to repurpose something that would’ve withered away unseen gave me hope. It also occupied my hands and thoughts to quiet some of the mental spin.

‘New Normal’ May Be Working Against You

While contingency planning can be critical and our “fight or flight” response is evolutionarily essential—they may be working against you right now. I’m not buying into this “new normal” to embrace. It is a – right now – that will deliver us in time to a different reality. So to quiet these instincts, I use the mantra “What If? Not Now!” to reset.

If you, like me, are deadened by saccharine positivity vibes, let them go on to someone else that will benefit from them. You, my friend, don’t have to be positive but you can be less negative. 

“What If. . . ?”

If you find yourself spiraling around “What if…?”, let my voice creep into your inner monologue to squash it with “Not Now!”. Then move on to something you actually can control. 

If you need to actually hear my voice to talk through those anxiety spirals, grab time for a  Virtual Strategy Session.

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