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Brand strategy consulting, what is it? I struggle with so much of the circular logic of “cancel culture”. I try to create space in my orbit where we can question and challenge without completely overtaking one another so that all parties involved can improve. 

But my orbit is small and I need help. 

Yes, there is A LOT that needs to stop immediately—but can the support be steered towards building something better instead of complete erasure? Can we surface solutions instead of only exclaiming about problems?

Criticism Can Be Forward Motion

As a highly sensitive person, I tend to shy away from checking others and would often spin into emotional and mental overdrive before impacting another person. 

After going through a competitive design program with frequent critiques (where a professor literally ate one of my projects and then proceeded to walk across the remains for the rest of class), I became numb to challenges and now struggle to sympathize when others hold the contaminated perception that criticism is an attack.

Strengthen and Create Together

While there are lots of people that instinctively destruct, I do think there are many that are looking to strengthen and create together. Criticism and challenges are crucial in getting anywhere worthwhile. The space to move and explore, though, is also crucial.

Brand Strategy Consulting Creates the Space to Move and Explore

“Trial & Error” inherently has the possibility of error. That’s its beauty and it’s strength.

Scientific progress is built on failure.

So let’s challenge each other to do better, by BUILDING on each other. See if you can notice an instinct to raise a problem and make sure you have a solution to go along with it that others around you can add to — “Yes &…&…&”.

We got this!

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