value-based pricing

Value-Based Pricing is better for us both.

Value-based pricing came after years of working through how to price our services. Typical creative or service-based businesses operate on an hourly time-based pricing model. 

This creates a scarcity from the project onset, recognizing that there is a limited amount of input possible. We like to come from a place of abundance, allowing for a potential output that is greater than the input.

Most businesses know a solution, but is that helping anyone to stop there?

Most businesses know a solution, but as they gain visibility and experience, other perspectives become critical in growth and progress. As expertise is built, efficiency benefits the greater group and should be rewarded rather than a threat to livelihood.

Value-based pricing allows for greater potential all around

We encourage a freely shared and collective effort. Our greatest ideas have come to us over drinks and in the shower. So we turn our attention away from the hours logged and towards the flow of ideas.

Value-based pricing creates a shared investment – a vested interest

By approaching our projects as a shared investment, we take a vested interest in the growth of your business and the value brought by the deliverables we create.


  • Allows for shifting priorities
  • Rewards Efficiency
  • Investment
  • Incentive to find the BEST-POSSIBLE solution
  • Minimizes Unknowns
  • Focus on output
  • Value Delivered as Commodity


  • Penalties for shifting priorities
  • Punishes Efficiency
  • Expense
  • Incentive to follow the client-prescribed solution
  • Creates Unknowns
  • Focus on input
  • Service as Commodity

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